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北京pk10赛车投注网站:Small fluctuations in the two cities, short-term market is still repeated

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内容摘要:Market Overview the two cities opened lower today, near the flat line within a narrow range.In the morning , the stock indexbroke once into ...

Market Overview


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the two cities opened lower today, near the flat line within a narrow range.

In the morning , the stock index broke once into the flat line, but then returned to the downtrend; the GEM refers to the shocks at the flat plate line, close to the lunch break and turn green.

In the afternoon, the Shanghai Composite Index fluctuated upward and eventually ended up slightly; Shen Chengzhi's low side volatility shrank slightly, recording a slight decline; the FBMACE lowered its interest rate to 1735 and was boosted by a pullback. The decline narrowed.

From a disk perspective, the aviation industry continued to change and was affected by the policy news of refueling aviation fuel surcharges. Aviation and airport indices led the rise. Precious metals The index was active and rose by 3.16%; China expects to introduce intellectual property in July and August. The new protection program, the intellectual property index rose 1.65%; Kweichow Moutai intraday straight up, the stock price exceeded 800 yuan.

As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index reported 3115.18 points, a slight increase of 0.03%; Shenzhen Component Index reported 10,365.13 points, down 0.20%; the GEM Board reported 1742.25 points, down 0.16%.

industry performance


from Shen Wan an industry perspective, transportation, non-ferrous metals, building materials industry or table ranking the forefront; real estate , the Bank financial position fell forefront Bank , .





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